Yesterday afternoon right here on Facebook we changed the page logo to ZEE Soccer Academy. Needless to say this created some panic among parents in our academy community.

I can start off saying that NOTHING HAS CHANGED FOR THE KEEPERS, the academy will never stop grinding, keeping its high-end training and highly qualified coaches, we will strive to improve in everything goalkeeper related and every student 16 or older that is seeking to play soccer in college has my word, we will help you get there like we have with all of our grad-students of the past!

With the income from our winter goalkeeper camp, we have already purchased over $1,200 in “GOALKEEPER” equipment and we intend to spend another $800 before year end.

The ZEE Goalkeeper Academy has been in the talks with “SOCCER” coaches for over a year. Head coaches that are in charge of a solid college soccer program or at professional level. Coaches that have won national championship titles, that have played for their national soccer team and have Wiki pages to prove it.

This summer the academy will be hosting its first summer SOCCER – GOALKEEPER camp. A camp that will last nearly the entire month of June and will see a lineup of high-end and qualified field and goalkeeper coaches.

The soccer and goalkeeper campers will work on separate fields. When the field coaches request the assistance of the goalkeepers, the keepers will shift back and forward to work on both fields. The last hour of every camp day, field players and keepers will all interact either with shots on goal or scrimmages.

Then in July every Friday evening, alongside the goalkeeper academy there will be a ZEE Soccer Academy, with the same identical specs as the June Camp.

Our goal is to create the largest soccer academy in Florida and reach eventually beyond. An academy that is totally independent from any federation or state association, with one meaning: Creating amazing field players and goalkeepers.

The majority of the best grown goalkeepers in all the state of Florida come from our Port Orange Pool, our intent is to do so with field players as well.

Rick “ZEE” Zucchi

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