Game-Set or Real Game Scenario Soccer Training is something that not all outfield and goalkeeper coaches can provide. It’s not that we’re saying that the coach is incompetent, bur rather him/her not having the best equipment available to put the the players he’s training into that real game situation.

Please note: The soccer-goalkeeper coach that claims having a large inventory of equipment is not necessary to obtain the best training results is one out of being clueless or cheap. These are the soccer academy coaches that you should stay away from!

Let’s take for example the components of a Real Game Set Goalkeeper Training Session, they are maximally specific and very totally realistic, plus relentlessly repetitive and challenging to goalkeepers. Along with the coaches dialog on what and how to react to every drill, the keeper is surrounded in what he/she sees as their 18 yard box during a real game. This is something that can’t be put into action with a few cones and agility poles. You need a complete inventory of the most advanced goalkeeper equipment available!

I receive emails from parents that are searching for “advanced goalkeeper training.”
Their previous coaches have taught them the basics and now they are ready for something else, something a lot more advanced. The reason that they knock on our door is because we have the resources to accomplish just that. However it also depends on the athlete and the first question I always ask my new students is: Do you enjoy soccer training enough to focus on the more detailed things?

If they do have the desire to train in a more advanced manner then it’s a green light, if not we prefer to send them someplace else.
You’ll discover in just a few sessions that you have a future advanced athlete, simply because they find enjoyment in the position, they stay focused and they follow and execute the drills to the letter.

8 out of 10 soccer player ages 12 to 15 when they join our academy, they have problems on how to set up a wall, how to correctly mark an opponent or how to create a counterattack or an assist, that is something we work on even with the U9’s and grassroots. We have the equipment for that, both in adult and junior size mannequins, markers and goals in all sizes. We have the size 1, 2 and 3 soccer balls to make the drill even more challenging for the older players. Everything is explained in detail, so that the athlete stores this visual information and takes it back to the game.

The keepers will learn where to stand in a crowded 6 yard box 9 out of 10 goalkeepers when they join the academy they find themselves lost on this essential factor as well. We have the equipment to help them overcome this. When and how to anticipate, how to communicate efficiently with the defense in close range situations. Lots of 30 second coaching points and at the same time try to make it where they always stay 100% focused, that is a winning ingredient even on the least concentrated keepers.

I could keep typing for hours explaining bit by bit, what advanced soccer training is all about, but lets keep it at that. If you’re resident in Central Florida then we’d like to invite you to one of our Friday Academy Sessions here in Port Orange. Either you’re a soccer coach that wants to understand the highlights of advanced soccer training or if you’re a Striker, Midfielder, Defender or a Goalkeeper that wants to sharpen their skills, drop by for a free session!