The ZEE Goalkeeper Academy Reopens With Restrictions

After breaking the bad news just hours ago, announcing the cancellation of our 2020 Summer Goalkeeper Camp, we now have some GREAT NEWS to share with you all.
On June 5th 2020 the ZEE Goalkeeper Academy will restart it’s Friday sessions.

However in order for the academy to take place there are some critical rules to abide by.

After personally taking the advice from medical specialists whom are directly involved with the Covid-19 (CoronaVirus) pandemic we have come to the following conclusions:

The academy for the month of June and July 2020 will go back to its previous session format/schedule, splitting up the the session into two groups and two time frames. This will keep the number of academy members on the field to max of 20:
5.30 to 6.30 – Grassroots (Goalkeepers ages 12 and younger)
6.30 to 7.30 – Advanced group (13 years of age and older)

There will be set in place strict social distancing rules:
When the keepers reach the field they will see along the perimeter of the field a line of cones set on the ground and at 12 ft distance from one another. That is where they will leave their backpacks and drinks. The keepers when reaching the field will remain with their belongings until they are called to join a group of 5 goalkeepers and 1 coach.

The coaches will have set in place a training curriculum that will keep the goalkeepers at 8 to 12 feet distant from one another and the GK’s will do their best to keep that distance at all times.

Once that all goalkeepers have their gloves on, a coach will apply to the gloves some BioTab7 liquid in order to sanitize completely the gloves. The product is used in hospital ICU’s and kills viruses on contact. We have tested the product several times on our training goalkeeper gloves and they have not cased the latex to deform or dry up.

There will be no spitting inside a set-up training area and no spitting on your goalkeeper gloves

Water breaks will be be set where one group at the time will leave the field for their 5 minute break. Keepers will go back to their cone and remain there until they’re recalled back to the training session by the coach.

Parents will not be permitted on the field, they can either wait in their vehicle or around the perimeter of the field,

The tuition fee for the months of June and July will be reduced to $50. This is not going to cover the full expenses of the academy (rentals, insurance, coaching fees, equipment and sanitizing products), but at the same time we also realize that many of you have been furloughed and may still be out of work at the time the activities reopen, so the academy is ready to pay the remaining monthly expenses in order to assist you all.

For any questions and to confirm your child will be attending the academy get personally in contact with the academy administrator you can do so via email or via telephone 352.226.4324

Rick Zucchi
ZEE Goalkeeper Academy LL|C