The New Munin M-Station P10 Rebounder

I really love when our professional goalkeeper school receives products to test even before they hit the sales market and knowing that we’re first to test such advanced and quality soccer training tool here in the US, really shows how serious manufacturers like Munin Sports, trust in us to do the best testing possible. In this case it’s the Munin M-Station P10, the smallest soccer rebounder for field players and goalkeepers that Munin Sports have ever put on the market.
It comes out of the box as you see it, totally assembled and ready to use, it came safely packed, but ironically if it wasn’t packet at all and the UPS driver dragged it behind his truck all the way to our office, it would have gotten here as you see it in the photograph. Because that is how resistant this rebounder is!

I’ve always been a huge fan of all Munin Products, we have in our training equipment inventory 2 M-Station Talent, they’ve taken a serious beating throughout the 16 months of use and are still in “mint” conditions as you will see from the image posted below!

The M-Station Talent and its little brother the P10 are compared in size in the photograph above, the P10 as you can see is less than half the size of a most common M-Station, however it delivers the same rebounding effects and force of traditional sized M-Stations.

You would think because of it’s smaller dimensions that the frame and rebonding net would be made out of lower quality materials. That is not the case! The frame, and all fixing/moving parts are made out of the traditional Munin Sports extremely resistant materials, those same standards that have made their products world famous.

The rebounder has 5 changeable positions, each position takes 5-10 seconds to adjust and locks securely in place.

Not to our surprise the Munin M-Station P10 when tested by 2 goalkeepers throwing a size 5 ball on both sides, it did not budge an inch, it remained in place and did not need the use of pins or hooks to keep the rebounder in place. “This was a first!” The dozens of “Other-Brand” rebounders used at our academy of these dimensions have always needed the assistance of tools to keep the rebounder still and fixed to the ground.

Incredibly easy to transport (folds in seconds), this is a soccer training tool that can be used by pro-soccer clubs all the way down to a young child in his back yard!

My feelings are, when this advanced soccer training tool hits the market, it will be a leader in the sector of small sized rebounders worldwide!