The Importance of Video Analysis in Soccer

There are many different ways you can imple­ment video analy­sis into your team/club. We’ve bro­ken down the most important factors to show you how really easy it can be. 

For many DOC’s, Academy Directors, Coach­es and Parents, find­ing the best ways to use video analy­sis can seem over­whelm­ing. People in the most try to do it all and in 90% of the cases they don’t know where to start. 

There are plen­ty of ways you can uti­lize video shot during the game, and many of you are prob­a­bly already a lot bet­ter pre­pared than you might think.

Add a wide angle or fish­eye lens attach­ment to your smart­phone or tablet. usually they’re inex­pen­sive and for $45 on Amazon or eBay you can get something that will keep high qual­i­ty video your smartphone already has and the lens will allow you to cap­ture more of the pitch for much bet­ter analy­sis of games.
Yes, you will have to be filming instead of watching your boy or girl playing, but with many parents attending the game, you can switch hands every quarter 🙂

What about a GoPro? It works, but because of it’s low quality video recording it is hard to edit and worthless for cropped shots. However, I would suggest that you use one for training sessions as it will allow the coach to bet­ter tai­lor train­ing drills, with a much wider view of the field for analy­sis of tactics discussion with the team.

I’m all about find­ing the best cre­ative solu­tions to fit my bud­get and needs. I personally started off saying I don’t have the resources, but all I had to do was rethink what i already have available.

It’s time to upload on your PC all the videos you’ve taken during the game…
… upload it on YouTube! Or if you want only the team to see the footage you can upload your video to the cloud so play­ers, coaches and parents can access it from home whenever the want. You can even upload video of your coach­ing phi­los­o­phy and share it direct­ly with the team.

I can’t stress all of this enough: Simply get cre­ative. Tech­nol­o­gy can be applied at every lev­el through free apps or paid ser­vices. There’s really no rea­son why anybody in this day and age can’t be a video ana­lyst.

Video analysis is the perfect tool for coaches and athletes to engage in better communication. Coaches can use video analysis to highlight particular movements in an soccer players performance, and use it as the perfect guide to enhance training sessions. This allows both the coach and the team to engage in discussion to talk about individual and team performance and the best ways to improve.

Since engaging video analysis of my son’s games I have noticed that it benefits not only him, but me as well, It’s always helping me improve the way I train and communicate with him during our 1-on-1 sessions.