The official soccer ball of the ZEE Soccer academy since 2017.
We are very excited to partner with the worlds most popular soccer ball company. Select always brings innovation and inspiration to soccer players and this is why we are happy that the partnership took place.

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Soccer Innovations has been developing soccer equipment and products for coaches and player since 2005 This Dallas-based company supplies the nation with a huge range of soccer field equipment. Over the past 2 years we have tested their products and it is for this that we’re proud that Soccer Innovations is the official field training equipment supplier for the Zee Soccer Academy,

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Munin Sports is the Official Rebounder of the ZEE Soccer Academy.
The Danish based sports company is the leader in professional soccer rebounders. They are a “Must” in a child’s back yard, they are present at youth soccer academies worldwide and used at most the popular BPL, Serie A, La Liga and League 1 soccer training facilities. So, it makes perfect sense that we should have in our inventory a full range of their rebonders. From the new and reduced size P10 all the way to the Top-of-the-Line M-Station Academy, we have tested them all and that is when we came to the conclusion that Munin is the best soccer rebounder worldwide!

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