Munin Sports the Official Rebounder of the ZEE Soccer Academy USA

We have always been very proud of partnering with the best sports equipment companies worldwide. Let it be very clear that we don’t sell out to the best bidder, we actually don’t sell out period!

All of our equipment partners starting from our soccer balls to agility poles, cones and more detailed training tools are all chosen because considered the best for the development of our soccer players and goalkeepers, regardless if they’re popular on the US market or not.

Among our technical partners is the well known Danish based company Munin Sports.

Munin M-Station the official rebounder of the ZEE Soccer Academy USA

Munin Sports provides our academies with the professional soccer rebounder called the M-Station.

In the past 3 years we have tested over a dozen brands of rebounders, however once tested the Munin M-Station we came to the conclusion that the M-Station has no rivals, it was then that we contacted Munin in Denmark to strike a deal.

The M-Station is used for both our field player and goalkeeper students. We are able to create a multitude of different training drills thanks to this rebounder, making our practices seem very realistic and game-set to the students.

Munin M-Station rebounder - Official training product of the ZEE Soccer Academy Port Orange USA

What makes the M-Station different and better than any of the other rebouders we have tested?
Well, With the different levels of elevation, you can do a ton of individual stuff with regards to control for the keepers and passes for the field players. You can use it in different game-set situations, no matter if it’s technique training with the foot or reaction training with the hands. I noticed that it actually motivate players in a whole new way keeping their focus on the training drills. Keep in mind that it is the most versatile device that we have tested and it allows individual and group training for players at a grassroots level all the way to top level pro-soccer players. The m-station allows soccer players to improve their individual talent drastically. We have seen this over the past 12 months and this is why we’re going to stick with the M-Station.

With all the other rebounders we have tested, they all tend to move out of position after just a few times after it makes contact with the ball. With the M-Station that didn’t happen, actually… IT NEVER HAPPENS on both Turf and Grass surfaces, where you place it, it stays!

In conclusion: Our academy students have developed immensely since we brought in the m-station, and for our part, there is no doubt that we will continue to use the device. I doubt that there will ever be another soccer training equipment company that could possibly come close in bringing to the market something better or even similar to the Munin Sports M-Station Rebounder!