How Much are Soccer Clubs Charging for Academy, Clinics and Camps?

ZEE Goalkeeper Camp Summer 2019

That is a great question!
Lets use the ZEE Goalkeeper camps as the example. The Port Orange summer camp lasted 3 days, 18 hours total, the cost of the camp was $175.00, however you also get a free pair of High-End ZEE goalkeeper gloves at no extra cost ($79.00 value) and a ZEE Goalkeeper Academy Training jersey (Value of $20).

Another so called competitor in Florida has a set price per camp for $197.00. However the camps that they offer are two days, Thus even though we have the most advanced GK equipment than any other GK school in the country and the most qualified lineup of goalkeeper coaches.

Now, lets head to the major search engines and seek for some Goalkeeper camps that happened this summer:

SGA a well known GK academy located in Simsbury, Connecticut and they had 3 camps happening this summer. A full 4 day camp will cost you from $615 to $1,000.

No1SoccerCamps, Is also a well known GK school with many camps that took place this past summer, one was held at the University of Dallas from June 10 through 14 and the price tag was from $649 to $989.

Camp Shutout, like the two above GK schools, claim to be the best Goalkeeper academy in the nation… They had a 6 day camp this past June. The standard Keeper rate (youth) is $899 to the advanced rate that costs a grand.

. How about Academy sessions?

Orlando City has a Goalkeeper academy that lasts for 6 weeks (once a week) at a cost of $240.
Same with the TSF Academy 6 weeks (once a week) for a total cost of $275.
Florida Rush has a good summer academy 12 lessons that happened this past June 5th to July 19th for $200.

The ZEE Goalkeeper Academy charges $75 per month!

…and one-on-one personal training?

I’ve seen GK coaches charge up to $175 per hour. The average price for a personal training session in Florida runs around $80.00 per hour.
I personally charge $60.00 per 90 minutes, other ZEE goalkeeper coaches also charge around that price range (per hour). I will add the extra 30 minutes as you really cant get that much out of a session in just one hour (IMO).
The cost of the session itself is way below average, thus in order for the ZEE coaches to open up to the families that want their children to have these private lessons without cutting a hole in their pocketbooks.

In my personal opinion, if you’re paying more than $60.00 per hour for a personal goalkeeper lesson, then it’s not worth it! DO NOT invest in anything that costs more, that of course unless who is giving the lesson is a certain Hope Solo or Tim Howard (lol).