The ZEE Goalkeeper Academy is dedicated in providing excellence in the development of soccer players. The academy provides a challenging and enriching environment for athletes of all levels, ages 8 to 19.  Our specific keeper programs are designed to help young players build and maximize their overall confidence, fitness and personal skills. Our philosophy is to produce a highly skilled, motivated and successful soccer player,

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All goalkeepers will work specifically on “What to do“ game set situation, taking their goalkeeper training to the next level. The components of Real Game-Set situations. Session are very specific and realistic, plus relentlessly challenging to our goalkeepers. Along with the coaches dialog on what and how to react to a certain drill, the keeper is surrounded in what they sees as their 18 yard box on game-day.

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Either you’re a beginner or advanced in the game our goalkeeper camps and clinics will guide you in picking up all the techniques and skills required to become a very competent soccer player. The camps and clinics will cover the main and most of all advanced techniques and skills of the game: We create a realistic game environment, where the Goalkeepers comprehend in every detail the actions they need to take!

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Why the ZEE Goalkeeper Academy?

Parents and students that use our academy understand that it gives great advantages that regular club keeper training can’t deliver. We are known for creating in every drill a real game-set scenario, so that the athletes understand in full the drill and can execute it better and faster when put in the same position on the field on game day.
If you think that your child wants to take their soccer seriously and you’d like to see them take their goalkeeping to a high level then I suggest you contact us to receive and invite for a free academy session.

The founder of the ZEE Goalkeeperr Academy is Rick Zucchi. He has been coaching goalkeepers since 1994. The academy works with 120-150 goalkeepers from all over the country, starting from local competitive travel soccer all the way to Division I NCAA goalkeepers. Our field staff coach all at a college level or higher, this is what makes us different than all the rest.

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Email: rz@zeesoccer.com
Tel: 352.226.4324